Synopsis Alko, a youngster living in the Dutch countryside, is occupied with girls, carbide-shooting and his changing body. While he and his best friend Björn are struggling with their emerging sexuality, the villagers suspect Alko of being gay. This troubles him so much that he makes a decision he will learn to regret.

Cast Henk-Jan Doornbosch, Liam Feikens, Maurins Boonstra, Jack Jansen, Yamila Huft, Jochem Smit & Rene Jonkman

Length 43 minutes

Director Joren Molter
Screenplay Britt Snel
Production company Family Affair Films
Line producer Thom Arends & Maaike Gronheid
Cinematographer Tijn Sikken
Gaffer Rene Dingelstad
Production Design Arne Leddy
Editor Maarten Ernest
Costume design Robin van Dam
Sound Design Fabian Ort
Set on set Daimo da Costa
Composer Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Script Editor Matthijs van der Veer

Co-production BNNVARA, VPRO, NTR